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The theme of this year for World Nations International is "Friends for Eternity", based on Luke 16:9. Here Jesus teaches that we should be generous with our wealth in this life to bless others ...more

I finally got tired of reflecting on what everyone else could do, but what I could do myself and that led me to live what I am living today ...more

Just be Present

A few days ago I received a vague message, "it is raining, we have no way to move our things." It was my Indonesian teacher. (...) The message I received was actually a cry for help ...more

I was born into a family from a Christian background. I was born on February 6, in the village of Gunung Cahaya also known as Fulôlô Sibohou...more


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About WNI

Our mission is to fight hunger and poverty through sustainable agriculture, healthcare access and community development in vulnerable communities ...more


Sustainable  Agriculture

Your Impact in the World

A couple days ago a friend of mine reminded me about promises that we give and how important it is to keep up the pursuit of accomplishing them ...more


Sustainable  Agriculture

Farming God's Way: The Right Way to Farm.

When we begin working in a place with a different culture than our own it is extremely important to understand the local cultural context, and then adapt our work ...more



From Drugs to Jesus

I'm the fourth of five boys in a family of farmers. I was born in 1989 in a small Indonesian island. Even though I grew up in church hearing about Jesus, I didn't have a personal relationship with Him ...more

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