Across the world it seems that people who have little often give more...  When you and all those around you do not have much in material possessions, your values focus on relationships


Being honest, it hasn't been an easy year, but I want to invite you to join me in this journey to find grace and gratitude. ...more

A Dream Called Mphatso

Earlier this year, we were excited to finally travel to this place and  start to adapt to this new country. We were dreaming of meeting the local people, learning their language, ...more

Our fear of trusting is because the invitation to serve in the full time ministry, means giving up the strength of our arms to trust that He will create the means, ...more


Jordan during Covid

We asked our friend and partner what it is like to be a pastor and a Christian in the Jordanian context under curfew and coronavirus. Read the interview ...more


Sustainable  Agriculture

Arts as a platform to Gospel Access

Wherever you are now, make a quick pause and check what are the talents and gifts God has given to you. What are the things you like to do? Read more ...more

Bags of Hope6.png


Meet our students: 

Pidemon Gule is one of our students at the Theological Seminary. Read about how your support has been giving him a chance to learn more about the Lord and how to reach the Unreached People Groups.



Community Development

Bags of Hope

The effects of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 have devastated  children and adolescents living in poverty in the communities in Brazil. Read about this project that is bringing hope to these kids.  ...more

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