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World Nations International, established in 2016, has emerged as a dynamic catalyst in the global battle against hunger and poverty. With an unwavering focus on sustainable agriculture and enhanced healthcare access, this organization has been instrumental in empowering vulnerable communities worldwide.

In Indonesia, World Nations International has spearheaded remarkable initiatives, collaborating with local partners to drive transformative projects. For instance, in Sumatra Island, they have joined forces with the Foundation Real Love Indonesia to establish educational and community development programs, fostering growth and opportunity.

Addressing the critical issue of healthcare access, World Nations International has implemented projects reaching remote villages in Indonesia, providing essential medical services and improving countless lives. World Nations International is committed to capacity-building and nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Based in Lexington, South Carolina, World Nations International has consistently delivered tangible results, positively impacting over 3,000 individuals in Brazil, Mozambique, and Indonesia. Their mobile medical clinics have brought free healthcare access and medications to isolated villages and islands in Indonesia. Additionally, their agricultural initiatives have empowered communities in Indonesia and Mozambique to develop sustainable farming practices, ensuring food security and economic stability.

Guided by their mission to combat hunger, poverty, and inequality, World Nations International actively connects professionals from diverse fields with pressing community issues. Through comprehensive projects and fostering collaboration, they create lasting change.

The remarkable achievements of World Nations International in Indonesia and beyond highlight their steadfast commitment and expertise in sustainable agriculture, community development, and healthcare access. This organization has become an invaluable asset in the global fight against hunger and poverty, leaving an indelible impact on the communities they serve.

World Nations International, 

Together we are changing lives!


Matt Mattos 

Executive Director and Founder

Felicia Hawkins

Executive Assistant and Financial Manager

Travis Salsbury

Strategic Development Coordinator

Dr. Marlies Mendes

Healthcare Access Program Coordinator

Diego Pereira

Sustainable Agriculture Program Coordinator

Board of directors

Matt Mattos 

Chairman of the Board 

Thomas Austin

Treasurer of the Board

Joshua Gregory

Secretary of the Board

Travis Salsbury

Board member

Thiago Zanetti

Board Member

Matthew Geary

Board Member

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