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Meet our Students

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

"I was born into a family from a Christian background. I was born on February 6, in a village also known as Fulolo Sibohou. Just like any other child, I was growing well physically, but spiritually I did not grow at all. I did know the name of Jesus Christ, I also knew that Jesus came to earth to redeem mankind, but I didn't know that it was possible to have an intimate relationship with Jesus. I never knew what a real Christian life was.

As I got older I started to do many bad things, like smoking and drinking. Rarely I went to church. In 6th grade, I was at the Fulolo Church, and even though I was pursued and discipled, I still live in my old life. The difference is that I started coming to church, and I even actively participated in Youth services.

Slowly I was changing, but I had my highs and lows: one day, repenting from my sins, and another day, I was doing everything wrong again. And it kept happening even after my graduation from the vocational high school.

In my heart I had this desire of going to college, but I knew that my family situation wasn’t good, because my father was not around and my mother was often sick. Besides this, my younger siblings were also in school. These were the reasons I couldn’t go for my higher studies and this would make me feel inferior when I compare myself to my friends.

Sometimes I would feel sad, I would cry, feel angry, disappointed and I would lose hope. Due to my disappointments, I tried to move to a bigger city, but again it didn’t work, because I didn’t have financial conditions for it.

So, one day my mother surprised me, giving me the opportunity to go for my higher studies. This is how I went to study at the MTC and there I realized that God was the one who called and guided me till there. Since that day I really understood that Jesus is my Savior, my faith in Him started to grow each day more.

When I look back in my life, I see that even from the incidents I experienced, these all made me believe that God's help is never too late, and God knows what our needs are. In all my hard times, I have learned that God is sufficient for me.

So, dear brothers and sisters, don't blame God, don't be disappointed, don't be sad. Come to God because His arms are open wide to you."

Our 107 students are sponsored by people like you, who want to invest in the expansion of the Kingdom of God and believe that raising strong leaders will bring transformation to their communities. Here at World Nations International we want to develop local leaders that will be effective in communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ and also will serve with a profession in their communities. The Sustainable Agriculture program is part of our Mission Training Center that is equipping young leaders to change the reality where they live.

Would consider partnering with us by donating monthly to this initiative?

$ 30/ month - you will help pay the tuition and provide the books/school supplies for one student

$ 35/ month - You will help pay for the student dorm, utilities and meals

$ 65/ month - You pay for the student total cost of living at the Theological Seminary/ MTC.

To donate, please click in the link below:

Click on Wonderful Indonesia / Sumatra Project.


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