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Meet our Students: Ros Zebua She is a History Maker!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

We want to introduce to you one of our students from Indonesia

“You can call me Ros. I was born in a simple family. I'm the first of 4 children. When I was 12, my mother passed away. My father, as the head of the family, was always struggling to take care of us and trying to fill the gap my mother left.

Life without a mother is a life full of struggles. Besides going to school, I needed to take care of my sister who was 1 month old when my ibi (Mother) died. However, now I am very grateful to God to have the father I have. He is constantly fighting for his children, doing everything he can, to provide the best for us.

Before getting to know Christ I was a stubborn and unwilling child. As if I live without purpose and hope. I felt left alone without my mother. As time goes by, in 2015 I finished high school. But I was unemployed and I didn’t have money to go for higher studies. In 2016, my dad heard that there was a School of Theology in one of the islands of Indonesia under the auspices of Real Love Indonesia. At that time my dad pushed me to go to college there. Finally I started college, studying at STTAM 2016. Since the first day I went to college, the only thought I had in my mind was to get a Bachelor’s degree.

But In STTAM - the Seminary - I felt I went through a process in the deepest areas of my life, that changed me into a whole human being. Indeed the process of formation is not easy, it takes a very long time. Until I truly realized who I am before God. I know that in God there is a clear salvation and hope.

On November 18, 2017, because of God's grace, I experienced repentance. I know that Jesus is the Lord and Savior of my life, and I took the decision to remain faithful to serve God for the rest of my life.

Before I knew Jesus my character was stubborn. I had no hope in my life, and I was just studying to get a degree. Now I understand my purpose in life and I have eternal hope in Jesus.

STTAM is a Visionary Institute and is very focused on the upbringing of Evangelical Character and Theology.

In STTAM, we learn about many things. In addition to following the lecture process as students do in general, we are also taught about agriculture. Mr. Diego is a Lecturer in Agriculture at ISAD. We were taught how to grow crops properly. Starting from how to plant nurseries, how to care for plants and to harvest. For fertilizing plants, we use organic fertilizer. The types of plants that we have planted are Cucumber, Chili, Long Beans and Corn. Thank God, at harvest time, the results are very satisfying.

Agriculture is very important for human life because without the results of agriculture, the basic needs of humans (the food) will not be fulfilled, especially for the lower class people.

Agriculture is also very important in providing us tools to reach out to Unreached People Groups (UPG). Through agriculture, we can teach them how to do good farming. In addition, we can also sell agricultural products as a way to meet the needs where we serve, and more than that, we can also help those who are financially disadvantaged.

So, when we do this, we not only serve them spiritually (by preaching the gospel), but we can also help them physically.”

I am very Grateful to God for using STTAM as the basis for my personal formation. I am also thankful for all the teachers I had in STTAM, whom God used to shape my character into a precious person in the eyes of God.

* All Because Of God's Grace *

Personal Testimony

Rosmawati Zebua

STTAM Semester VIII student *

Our 80+ students are sponsored by people like you, who want to invest in the expansion of the Kingdom of God and help raise leaders, transformation agents, and church planters who will bring the Good News to those who never heard about Jesus.

Consider partnering with us by donating monthly so our students can live and study, being fed spiritually and physically at the Seminary:

$ 30/ month - you will help pay the tuition and provide the books/school supplies for one student

$ 35/ month - You will help pay for the student dorm, utilities and meals

$ 65/ month - You pay for the student total cost of living at the Seminary.

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