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Healthcare that opens doors

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

On July 1 we celebrate the Doctor’s day. We want to highlight the importance of this profession in these days of uncertainty and social isolation due to the COVID-19. Medical staff around the world are working 24/7 and putting their own lives at risk to attend so many people in need.

Our gratitude and prayers go to these professionals who puts aside his own comfort to care about others welfare.

In the same way we remember all the medical staff that are serving tirelessly on the mission field, completely out of their comfort zone, in a new and totally different culture, so far from their own homes.

WNI understands and values the importance of these professionals in all the medical projects we are involved in different countries:

- In the Middle East, WNI is partnering with a medical and dental clinic for the refugees of wars in the region, and reaching out to different Unreached People Groups living in deserts in different countries.

- In Brazil, at the Rural areas of Sertão (in the northeast), WNI is running medical camps for those who don’t have any medical access.

- In Southeast Asia, WNI is also providing medical care to the most remote villages, where there is a lack of the basic health services.

- In Indonesia, through the Institute of Sustainable Agriculture Development, the students also receive training in community healthcare, which enables them to reach out to help community members to maintain and improve their health, and bring awareness regarding prevention of infectious diseases They are also trained in responding to natural disasters.

Also in Indonesia, we are engaged in building a hospital for the communities around ISAD who don't have any access to medical care.

As you read this article, please take some time to pray for all the medical staff who are working in WNI. They need your prayers for physical protection, as they are serving in the midst of a pandemic. Also pray wisdom and anointing, as they are sharing the Word of Life to those who are spiritually dead.

Would you consider to be our partner in these projects?

With your help, we will be able to reach out to more people who don’t have the basic healthcare access.


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