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Your Impact in the World

3 impacts you are having through World Nations


A couple days ago a friend of mine reminded me about promises that we give and how important it is to keep up the pursuit of accomplishing them. I really appreciated that he reminded me about dreams that I used to mention to him when we were still living in Athens, GA. It was awesome to see that these came to life after consistently persisting even when circumstances were not showing any progress.

Today I am really excited to share with you the 3 major impacts that you are having through your commitment and donations to World Nations International:

1 Fighting global hunger and alleviating poverty

We made our mission based on needs that we believe to be so important among vulnerable peoples in the world.

Every time you are investing in one of our projects you are actively fighting hunger through supporting our programs in sustainable agriculture. We believe that locals in the countries that we serve should be equipped to work be able to support their own families. We provide seminars, special workshops, professional volunteers consulting and field trips to add knowledge and experience about producing healthy crops and healthy animal production.

During Spring we had a record breaking harvest of cucumbers at our Mission Training Center in Indonesia. The students were amazed to see the techniques that they have been learning in the classroom about soil cultivation, crops and gardening care will produce results worthy of their time and attention. It is very motivational to see how it has affected their efforts about investing into our sustainable agriculture program. The domino effect of this is that functional knowledge is being transferred and locals are being empowered.

Our goal is to promote sustainability at different levels of our projects, from leadership success to food production and skilled workforce available and ready to create income and alleviate poverty.

Every time you are investing in one of our projects you are actively fighting hunger

2 Developing communities through special projects

Community development is one of the key strategies to open doors among collectivist cultures. That is the reality of the majority of the countries where people groups are still not reached by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The organizational structure of those societies are based upon the common good of the group. That being said the strategy that we use to advance frontiers and break barriers among the groups that we want to enter starts through community development projects. We have donated water for families during water crisis, hygiene kits, baby clothes and tons of rice for families that lost everything in the earthquake and tsunami. Our doctors have seen and treated over 500 people in 4 villages without healthcare access. We desire to become the answer to their prayers and bring care, hope and love.

3 Creating strategic platforms to provide access to the Gospel

We are all always looking for opportunities to share the Gospel therefore all of our initiatives are based on this goal. Throughout the years we've been serving the communities responding to their needs and transferring knowledge and professional expertise many opportunities have been given to us. I always like to remind myself of the time we did not have anything and we were just dreaming about a Mission Training Center for young adults in Sumatra, Indonesia. Today, after investing a little over 7 years we have a Theological Seminary and Mission Training Center with 55 full time local students being trained and prepared to work as church planters and agents of community transformation among 3 people groups with less than 3% of Christians. Our platforms are meant to be strategic pathways to provide Gospel access among the least reached. Back in the USA, our headquarters work as a Center to communicate and raise awareness about those people groups that never heard about Jesus Christ.

Everytime you are making a donation-investment in one of our initiatives or responding to a fundraising letter, you are advancing this mission and also providing Gospel access to people that you one day may meet in heaven. We want to be willing and available to see God's power operating through World Nations bringing forth His kingdom and salvation to the lost, abandoned and neglected of this world.

Together we are changing lives,

Thank you for your faithful support.

Matt Mattos

Executive Director, World Nations International


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