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Our Love to all Mothers

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

On this Mother’s Day, we want to remember all of the spiritual mothers who have been nurturing through their intercession all the projects WNI has been doing around the world. They have remembered those who have never heard about Jesus before and day and night they are praying for them (2 Timothy 1.3). We are thankful for these mothers who are praying without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5.17) and because of them, the ministry is expanding. God sent provision in the right time so more people can be reached and we can meet the needs of the hungry and needy.

We are so grateful to these spiritual mothers, those missionaries from WNI, whose God placed in the most arid soils in the Middle East, Asia and South America. They are there to embrace those who don’t have a home, to patiently teach life skills to those who have never imagined the talents they have because life never gave them opportunity. We remember these mothers who are willing to feed those who have no food, apply medicine to the wounds of the sick, listen to the stories of those who are overwhelmed by life, and remind them that there is hope in Jesus.

And we are thankful to our own mothers who prayed for us and dedicated our lives to God even before we were born so that today we can serve the Lord in the most distant lands we’d ever imagine we’d go someday. You put yourself aside, and selflessly as Hanna who took little Samuel to serve in the temple, you consecrated our lives to serve the Lord Jesus. You didn’t think about how far we would be from you and all the birthdays, holidays, and special moments you would spend without having your children around you. Since the beginning, you knew that we belonged to God, and even from afar, your prayers and your heart have been with us always.

To all the mothers that God has placed in our lives so that we can be what we are now, Happy Mother’s Day!


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