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How it feels to serve overseas in the midst of a pandemic.

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

It is indeed an interesting time to have one of our Short Term Mission trips. But it wasn't before much prayer and fasting that we decided to go ahead and continue with our plans to help and encourage our Indonesian brothers and sisters.

Many months ago, when this trip was organized and put together no one had any idea COVID-19 would be one of the biggest pandemics of our time. Nobody could foresee how bad this would get, and how COVID-19 was going to hit most countries in the world in such a destructive way.

Now if you can, imagine yourself leaving your country to lead a Short Term Mission Trip with all the news. When we left the USA it was still safe to travel, but as soon as we crossed the oceans the first hit stroke: USA was cancelling all flights from Europe. Scary but we wouldn't be passing by Europe on our way back, then we were safe - we thought.

We got to Asia, safe and sound, ready to hear from them how things were going and how we could help them. I consider Indonesia my piece of heaven on earth, so my soul was rejoicing in God, my salvation, for bringing us all there.

We checked the Seminary, spent some time with students and the local leaders, prayed and worshipped Jesus with them. Incredible times. God is at work in Southeast Asia! I can't express how much joy it brings to my heart to see our seminary full of young Indonesians hungry for the Lord and being trained to be the next wave of missionaries.

While we were experiencing a piece of heaven, COVID-19 was advancing, countries were closing their borders, innumerous restrictions to those traveling abroad, quarantines, lockdowns, and reduced numbers of flights were occurring everywhere in Asia.

Thinking about our safety and ability to get out of Asia before it closes its borders, after much prayer we decided to cut our trip short and return home. Our hearts are full. We are so grateful for the Lord's protection over us, and everything He is doing in Southeast Asia through your love and financial support. Thank you for standing with us.

Even in the middle of the chaos in the world today, we know that the Lord is still on the Throne. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. He is the Lord above all things and He reigns above all chaos.

It's such a privilege to trust in Him and have our lives lead by His unfailing Love. We are also humbled and honored to be part of what He is doing in Asia today.


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