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Meet our Students: Pidemon Gule

This month, we want to introduce to you one of our students from the Mission Training Center and Theological Seminary in Indonesia. He is, together with many others, eager to finish his degree and be sent as a missionary into other unreached people groups in that area.

“My name is Pidemon Gule. I am a full-time student at the STTAM (the theological seminary) and the ISAD (Institute of Sustainable Agriculture and Development) in Southeast Asia.

Sustainable agriculture is extremely important to us, here in our region. It's a blessing to be able to learn more about it. Our hands-on farm teaches us so much and allow us to practice and have the daily experience of having crops. We can take all the experience and, as servants of God, go to the unreached people groups nearby, share the Gospel and the fruit that the land produces.

Most of the unreached people groups nearby are very agricultural, so it is very important for us to know it right: it preserves lives and keep us alive too.

Another way we use to reach out to unreached people groups is to approach the community and help them develop. We are able to teach them and start relationships with the community which, in a simple way, gives us the opportunity to testify about our faith.”

Our 115 students are sponsored by people like you, who want to invest in the expansion of the Kingdom of God and believe that raising strong leaders will bring transformation to their communities. Here at World Nations International we want to develop indigenous leaders that will be effective in communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ and also will serve with a profession in their communities. The Sustainable Agriculture program is part of our Mission Training Center that is equipping young leaders to change the reality where they live.

Would consider partnering with us by donating monthly to this initiative? Every penny helps.

$ 30/ month - you will help pay the tuition and provide the books/school supplies for one student

$ 35/ month - You will help pay for the student dorm, utilities and meals

$ 65/ month - You pay for the student total cost of living at the Theological Seminary/ MTC.

To donate, please click in the link below:

Click in Wonderful Indonesia / Sumatra Project.


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