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Updated: Mar 15, 2021

How did World Nations International start?

World Nations International was born out of the passion of professionals who were called to serve in places where their abilities were needed. Our focus is to work with unreached peoples groups - people who have little or no access to the Gospel, in places where there is a shortage of professionals to help the communities grow and develop. In those places we enter as professionals and help people to produce food, provide healthcare access, or set up a business that brings transformation to the community.

We understand that in order to share the love of Jesus, we should first serve them, love them, build relationships and create trust with the communities which then opens doors to the sharing of faith, church planting and discipleship among that group.

We have already reached 10 unreached people groups around the world. That is a great blessing and we rejoice with the miracles God is performing and we are honored to be part of His work. This is just the beginning!

What does WNI do?

We provide opportunities to change lives: for short term or long term workers, to the ones who receive them and the communities touched by them. As I said previously, we have projects and workers in Indonesia, Middle East, Brazil and Mozambique.

We provide Christian education, healthcare access, help to develop communities, we teach business to young adults -to bring transformation to their villages, we teach them sustainable agriculture so they can produce their own food. We love, we teach, we preach and we disciple. We do all we can, so they can also go and make disciples, planting churches among the unreached people groups.

We also extend the opportunity to those who want to go on missions or/and medical trips, to see what the Lord is doing in the field. You can help in whatever capacity you are called to further the work being done locally. Those mission trips happen throughout the year to our projects around the world.

Keep your eyes open for the opportunities in 2021 (God willing and borders opening...)

How can I get involved?

PRAY: Prayer sets the foundation for our work. Pray for people to partner with us and get involved in the great work the Lord is doing around the world.

GO: There are opportunities for you to come and serve with us in short term mission trips. Use the gifts and talents the Lord gave you to bless communities in distant areas. Come see firsthand the work abroad and get to know our workers personally. We extend to you the opportunity to change lives.

DONATE: Building schools, medical centers, sending families to the field, and starting projects can be expensive. We want to give you the opportunity to partner with what God is doing in the nations.

Be a partner of this work. Donate.

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