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Arts as a platform to Gospel Access

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

In our last edition you met S., who is working in a country in Southeast Asia. She shared about her missionary calling and how God led her step by step. Now, you are going to see how God can use your talents to reach out to others.

Wherever you are now, make a quick pause and check what are the talents and gifts God has given to you. What are the things you like to do? What is your profession? These all are precious tools that God has given to you to make the difference wherever He has placed you! You are unique and God will use what you have in your hands to reach out to others.

WNI - How has God used art to communicate the gospel and bring out transformation?

S. - I am not very experienced in the subject, as I have not yet led any group or work in this area. The Christian School and the Training Center will be my first jobs in this new country. However, I participated for a long time in an evangelistic theater and dance group from my church, and on the mission ship of Operation Mobilization (OM) I worked in the pantomime group.

Art is a fantastic communication tool that opens doors and creates a very good connection with people's hearts, which might not be possible otherwise. An artistic presentation can raise awareness and prepare a person's heart to hear the gospel. Many times, I performed a pantomime and right after that, I had the attention of people to give my testimony and communicate the gospel. They listened carefully, because something had happened before.

“Arts and Sports, have their value in the social and personal transformation of each individual (...) this transformation can be for (...) good or evil. If used correctly and for the glory of God, the transformation will not only be social, personal and only for this life, but also spiritual and eternal”.

In the theater group of my church, in the presentations we made back in my hometown, there were always cases of conversions and people who had fallen away, returning to the gospel. It is not art that touches or transforms people, but this is one of the ways in which the gospel is presented and this gospel, which is the power of God, touches and transforms people's lives.

The Arts, as well as Sports, have their value in the social and personal transformation of each individual, however, this transformation can be for both good or evil. If used correctly and for the glory of God, the transformation will not only be social, personal and only for this life, but also spiritual and eternal.

WNI - Living in Southeast Asia, what are the biggest challenges you have been facing?

1 - Learning to live in a new cultural context, in which, you know nothing, speak nothing and understand nothing, is very hard. When I arrived here, on February 9, I felt literally like a baby, totally dependent on people. Now, I already feel that I am beginning to take the first steps, but still reeling, just like a child, trying to take the first steps. Still not knowing almost anything in the language.

2 - Patient and persevering discipline to learn the language. Learning itself has been very difficult, so it is necessary for me to stay focused on a daily discipline of studies, even after classes with the teacher. And for this discipline, I need to be patient and persevering. Never give up, but always persist on the target, until I can reach it. This is very challenging.

3 - Maintain healthy relationships. Relationship with others is good and important, but it is not easy. I have lost patience a few times, with the way of the local people and their tranquility in dealing with things, especially regarding planning, which is quite different from mine. While I plan to solve my things in advance, they leave to solve on the spot. That's it, it seems that way, I'm still learning about it. Another point about this, is my relationship with my leaders. I am a questioning person and perhaps this may seem like insubordination, so I have to make it very clear that I will respect and follow the decisions of the leadership, always within Christian principles.

4 - Visa instability. In three months in this countryI faced some visa issues three times. This is very complicated and exhausting. In fact, getting a visa is always uncertain. I am learning to rest in the Lord on this. Only He can keep me in this country with whatever visa He wants. At the moment, it is interesting to think that the Lord is keeping me in the country with the Emergency Stay Permit protocol, on account of Covid-19 which caused the Lockdown procedure for this city.

Please take some time to pray for S. right now.

Pray for her ministry, for protection, for good relationships with the local people and her leadership.

Pray for her visa situation also.


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