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20th of June: World Refugee Day

WNI cares about those who were displaced and lost everything because of conflicts and war.

The current scenario in the world doesn't look any better than it did in the past:

According to the World Migration Report 2020 of the United Nations, the number of internally displaced persons due to violence and conflict reached 41.3 million people, around the world.

According to UNHCR Jordan alone has 745,673 refugees as of 31 January 2020, but Jordanian authorities say these numbers can be higher than 2 million. Of these, 83.4% are living outside camps, in urban areas. The majority of the refugees in Jordan came from Syria, followed by refugees from Iraq, Yemen, Sudan and other countries.

Our hearts, as the WNI team, is to reach out for them and partner with people who are already in the field doing it, joining prayers, finances and support to reach the Unreached People Groups in the region.

WNI is supporting many different projects among refugees in the Middle East, as such:

- Preschools and afternoon teaching opportunities for the children;

- Medical support;

- Food and clothing distribution for those in need;

- Arts and crafts classes to women, who have the opportunity to sell their products and generate some income to their families.

- Beauty parlor classes;

- Visit to the families.

All these projects are embraced by the local church and local workers who have a huge heart to reach the Unreached People Groups and share the Good News of Christ.

Though the number of refugees is huge and we feel overwhelmed with the growing needs of our friends, in all the projects WNI is partnering with, by the Grace of God, over 2200 people have benefited from our projects and had the opportunity to hear the Good News, be heard and fed, have warm clothes and people visiting them regularly.

The challenges:

The biggest challenge today is that the number of refugees is growing steadily. The need among the refugees is huge, while the number of workers remains the same or does not increase in the same proportion. Besides all the hardship they have to go through, this is a very vulnerable group to the coronavirus, by not having access to basic sanitation, adequate and nutritious food, many people sharing the same small space, etc...

Also, currencies are getting expensive compared to Dollar, which makes life in the countries extremely expensive for our workers, who receive support from abroad.

The support for all these projects and workers come from people like you, who understand the need of bringing encouragement, love, comfort, food and the gospel to those who have lost everything or have been persecuted for their faith in Jesus.

How to pray:

We need prayers and intercessors who can raise this project in prayer daily:

- Pray for the workers (for physical, mental and spiritual health).

- Pray for the workers and the families, that they will be protected against covid-19,

- Pray for financial support.

- Pray for physical and spiritual protection of everyone involved in the projects

- Pray for the refugees who were persecuted for their faith in their countries of origin

- And pray for more workers to the Unreached People Groups, for "the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few" Luke 10:2.

Would you consider to be our partner in what God is doing among the Refugees and Bedouins in the Middle East?


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