Turning crisis into OPPORTUNITIES


The question that hit us hard was: What to do in times of so much uncertainty? Everything that we do involves people, transportation, resources and training, lots of training. ..more

We want to introduce to you one of our students from Indonesia, Christiani Rindra. She is only 21 years old, studying at our Mission Training Center and Theological Seminary ...more

Trusting, walking in obedience to God

When going to live abroad it is natural for many people to be worried and anxious. This brave couple share their story ...more

Wherever you are now, make a quick pause and check what are the talents and gifts God has given to you. What are the things you like to do? Read more ...more


Jordan during COVID-19

We asked our friend and partner what it is like to be a pastor and a Christian in the Jordanian context under curfew and coronavirus.  ...more


Sustainable  Agriculture

Farming God's way

Farming God's Way is a method started by a servant of God who searched the Bible for answers to decreasing crop yields year after year. ...more



Meet our students: 

Your prayers and support have been giving our students a chance to learn more about the Lord and how to reach the Unreached ...more


Mission Trip

Beautiful testimony

In January of this year, Seth and Anna went to serve for 20 days in our Mission Training Center. They beautifully wrote about their experience  ...more

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