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Our mission is to fight hunger and poverty through sustainable agriculture, healthcare access and community development in vulnerable communities worldwide...more

WNI has 2 sending and training bases, in the USA and Austria; and 2 offices, in Indonesia and the Middle East. WNI also has projects and partnerships in Brazil...more

Focus on the Work

World Nations International was born out of the passion of professionals who were called to serve in places where their abilities were needed ...more

We will celebrate Christmas for the 7th year now in the midst of the people on this island and the thing we feel the most in this place is the awakening of the youth to seek God and give their lives to serve Him...more


God's Plan is Better

In the beginning of 2013, I met a missionary in Indonesia, Matt Mattos, through a mutual friend. We've met briefly at KFC, and I was reminded of God's calling for my life...more

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Sustainable  Agriculture

A Dream Called Mphatso

Earlier this year, we were excited to finally travel to this place and  start to adapt to this new country. We were dreaming of meeting the local people...more

God's direction to serve Him among the n


Giving up to Grow up

Our fear of trusting is because the invitation to serve in the full time ministry, means giving up the strength of our arms to trust that He will create the means...more

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Partner with God

My Personal Experience with Thankfulness in Times of Crises

Being honest, it hasn't been an easy year, but I want to invite you to join me in this journey to find grace and gratitude...more

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